Peace Library

An integral part of the Peace Learning Center will be a library with relevant collections that will enable students and scholars to conduct peace and conflict research. The library will serve as a repository for documentation of PIC-led research, as well as that of partner organizations and existing references in the field of peace and conflict studies.


The purpose of Peace Library is to collect materials for scholarly research and public dissemination that align with PIC’s goal of building peaceful communities through outreach and capacity building.


  1. Transitional Justice
  2. Memorialization, Reconciliation and Restorative Justice
  3. Genocide, war and conflicts
  4. Refugee and migration
  5. Children and youth
  6. Violent extremism and terrorism
  7. Negotiation and peace process
  8. Gender and peacebuilding
  9. United nations and peace missions
  10. Environment and sustainable development
  11. Ethnicity and indigenous
  12. Culture, religion and peacebuilding
  13. Leadership and peace activism
  14. Law, human rights and dispute settlement
  15. Media and journalism
  16. Peace education
  17. Meditation and inner peace
  18. Conflict sensitivity
  19. Cambodia