Peace Learning Center

A fundamental goal of PIC is ultimately to create a national Peace Learning Center in Phnom Penh comprising a museum, research library, and resource center.  With the aim of becoming a national clearinghouse for peacebuilding and transitional justice information in Cambodia, the Peace Learning Center will be a resource for scholars and offer educational content to students, practitioners, and the general public through exhibitions, trainings, lectures, study tours and conferences.

Peace Museum

The Peace Museum will be a place to make connections between Cambodia’s past and its future. Through exhibitions, programs, and links to other partner organizations, visitors will be able to better understand the conflicts that have defined Cambodia’s recent history. They may recognize elements of their own family’s history, be confronted by new and different points of view, and be inspired to work towards peace both locally and in the region.  Drawing on the collections of PIC’s research, as well as additional resources as the Peace Library develops, the Museum will present exhibitions on-site and also develop traveling versions that can be presented in rural constituent communities. 

Peace Library

An integral part of the Peace Learning Center will be a library with relevant collections that will enable students and scholars to conduct peace and conflict research. The library will serve as a repository for documentation of PIC-led research, as well as that of partner organizations and existing references in the field of peace and conflict studies. 

Resource Center

Additional programming will help foster the Peace Learning Center’s role as an active contributor to peacebuilding in the region. In addition to exhibitions, the Peace Learning Center will also organize study tours, lectures by foreign and local experts, conferences and other relevant events. It will also serve as a training facility (e.g., trainers who will then mulitply this knowledge in their constituency communities and university students who can then act as mentors for other students in rural and urban areas).  The Peace Learning Center can also provide a venue for cooperation with PIC partners in Cambodia and abroad, whether through collaborative events or presentations of partners’ projects.