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Peace Research

PIC aims to involve young Cambodian university graduates in social science research to improve local academic capacities and increase the degree of ownership and the scope of dissemination of the results.  In response to a growing demand by current researchers and institutions to work in cooperation with NGOs, PIC has developed a cooperative model that is mutually productive, and that embraces a collaborative action research approach.

PIC strives to bridge the gap between academic research and the communities under investigation.  In contrast to the traditional scholarly research dynamic, where projects are led by outsiders who may not bring results back to the community, PIC promotes participatory methodologies that benefit the communities themselves.  To make research meaningful for the local population, PIC, in cooperation with partners, aims to provide relevant educational material tailored to local needs and concerns. By involving and training young Cambodian academics, PIC provides a complement to formal academic studies, offering opportunities to apply acquired knowledge. 

Peace research topics are related to conflict, peace, reconciliation, and development in Cambodia and in the region, and are carried out in cooperation with external scholars and partner organizations. The studies are practice-oriented, with findings forming the basis for further initiatives.


PIC embraces the philosophy and methodology of action research, also known as participatory research.  By engaging in collaborative inquiries, all project participants have the opportunity to benefit from the research process as well as the results.  [add more about action research process here.]  

Partner with PIC:  Call for Proposals

PIC actively seeks research partners who are engaged in community-oriented peacebuilding action research.  We have developed a participatory model that allows researchers entry to local communities and organizations, engages young Cambodian scholars, and provides opportunities to present research to a diverse audience.  Please see our page on Partnering with PIC for more details. 

Project List

PIC research projects are geared toward understanding the past and promoting a sustainable peace culture in Cambodian society.  Current projects include creation of a locally-owned model for peace education and an analysis of local NGOs’ engagement in peacebuilding in Cambodia.  Click here to view a list of all past and current PIC projects. 

Researchers List

PIC partners with scholars and institutions around the world who are pursuing peacebuilding research in the region. Click here to view a list of all PIC research partners.