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ASEAN/Regional Peace

Recognising the opportunities that the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) offers in terms of peaceful regional integration and mutual learning, PIC works on the regional level and advocates for a stronger ASEAN voice. [include something here about Cambodia’s role in ASEAN?]

ASEAN Projects

  • ASEAN Civil Society Conference , March 2012
  • ASEAN People’s Forum, March 2012 
  • Regional Peace Project

ASEAN Civil Society Conference

[description of PIC’s role here.]

ASEAN People’s Forum

[description of PIC’s role here.]

Regional Peace Project

This project aims to contribute to effective peace and reconciliation mechanism within South East Asia region. The objectives of this project are to (1) document lessons learned from the conflict and best practice of peace and reconciliation in the South East Asia Countries and promote understanding among CSOs and ASEAN youth about peace and reconciliation in South East Asia Countries and (2) promote the understanding and provide inputs for effective ASEAN peace and reconciliation mechanism.

The project activities include Learning from Cambodian-Thail Conflict; National Workshop on the Learning from Cambodian-Thai Conflict “Lessons for Regional Peace”; International Peace Day Event; and SEA Conference for Peace and Reconciliation.